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For 365 days a year our eggs pop out from free range/organic hens and geese living in Lancashire and Cheshire. And wait for this…Ribble Valley milk, South Yorkshire yogurt and cream; handmade butter from Shropshire and a huge choice of speciality UK and European cheeses from the Cheshire Cheese shop. De-li-cious!

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Strawberry Fromage Frais

Strawberry Fromage Frais


A fresh, creamy, strawberry flavoured soft cheese dessert made with skimmed milk and cream at Longle..

£0.49 (125g)

Organic Fruity Favourites

Organic Fruity Favourites

Organic Vegetarian

These fruity favourites bio-live Yogurts have been carefully made with the best organic milk combine..

£1.89 (pack of 4)

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